Thousands of military veterans are taking command of their futures by becoming franchise partners. According to the International Franchise Association (IFA), many franchise systems are now targeting veterans as franchisees.

Military service often provides an excellent training ground for the skills necessary to achieve success in franchising.

Veterans like Matt and Julie Bratsburg of Omaha say the service ethic, discipline and time management skills they honed in the military have served them well in their SYNERGY HomeCare franchise.  The couple met in Iraq when Matt was in the U.S Air Force and Julie was a Marine. They say the 15-hour work days in a combat zone helped prepare them to perform well under pressure when opening and running their small business.

Veterans also have finely-tuned leadership skills and are comfortable following a detailed plan of action — all valuable traits for success in the franchise business model.  

Take Brian and Elizabeth Walker of SYNERGY HomeCare Memphis. Just one year after opening, they expanded their business and generated trust and respect within the community — accomplishments Brian says are due to his background and leadership training in the Air Force. His continued connection to the military helped his business earn the Purple Heart designation — a first for an in-home care franchise.

Franchise partnership can offer veterans a solid career path and an opportunity to become civilian business leaders. Franchising’s emphasis on structure, training and operational excellence provides a smooth transition from military service to potential economic success.
SYNERGY HomeCare is a proud participant in the IFA’s VetFran program. Veterans get a $2,000 discount off of the franchise fee. For  more information on this offer, click here.