SYNERGY HomeCare Annual Franchise Meeting

Our Annual Franchise Meeting is an opportunity to network with other Franchise Partners like you, while you learn and grow. The ultimate goal of this meeting is to provide our Franchise Partners with real take home value – tools, resources and strategies that you can implement in your business to improve performance. It’s a chance for us to show our appreciation to you and the other owners who have helped make SYNERGY HomeCare what it is today, as we prepare you and your franchise for growth tomorrow.

2016 SYNERGY HomeCare AFM Group Photo

During our Annual Franchise Meeting, you’ll experience comprehensive training programs, learn about new marketing initiatives, and see our new investments in the technology that keeps SYNERGY HomeCare ahead of the curve. At this highly educational and exciting event, you’ll hear from industry experts, outside speakers, and Franchise Partners panelists on the industry’s best practices. A wealth of knowledge exists among SYNERGY HomeCare franchisees and corporate staff members, and combining this knowledge allows us to continually strengthen our system together.

The Awards Banquet

Sue McCormic and Stacy Fotos receive an award during the 2013 Annual Franchise Meeting.

The meeting will end with a system-wide award show highlighting franchisee success. We also present a Caregiver of the Year Award which recognizes caregivers who go above and beyond the call of duty to make life better for their clients. The franchisee who employs the caregiver of the year has the opportunity to share their experience with the caregiver and it’s a really nice opportunity for us to all give our thanks to the people who are working with our clients on a daily basis.

The event is meant to encourage you and your fellow franchisees through education, networking and fun. At SYNERGY HomeCare, we believe that together, we can do more and that is exactly what this meeting is all about.

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