SYNERGY HomeCare Franchisee Testimonials

On this page you’ll find quite a few video testimonials from our franchise partners. Let them tell you about their professional backgrounds, how giving back to their communities has been a benefit for them personally and as business owners, as well as their experiences and struggles as family caregivers.

Jim Aaberg – Bloomington, IL

Jim talks about what makes being a SYNERGY HomeCare owner so special to him, making a difference in people’s lives.

Tim Homer – Centerville, OH

For Tim, making the decision to begin his own home care business was easy because the vision that the Founder and CEO of SYNERGY HomeCare had resonated with him.

Sue & Stacy – Alpharetta, GA

Sue McCormick and Stacy Korosec were both looking for a change of pace in their lives. The idea of making a living simply caring for people along with the impression our management left upon them convinced them to make their move. We are very glad to have these wonderful hardworking people as a part of our Care Team.

Dennis & Angela – Marmora, NJ

Dennis and Angela experienced the difficulties of caring for a loved one with daily living needs firsthand. When they were looking for a new direction in their professional lives they knew they wanted to be able to give back to others who shared their struggle.

Bill – Bellevue, WA

Bill Merriman is a SYNERGY HomeCare regional developer and franchise owner from the Pacific North West. Bill was initially struck by the level of involvement our CEO, Peter Tourian showed for the compassionate business of non-medical in-home care.

Casey & David – Parsippany, NJ

Casey Holstein and his business partner David Katz hail from Parsippany, NJ and are some true SYNERGY HomeCare rock stars. Listen as Casey digs deep to share his story of how he came to SYNERGY and what his experience has been like.

Ken & Anna – Corona, CA

Ken and Anna Kuck love that they have the ability to enable their clients to live independently. They found a great business model they could grow with at SYNERGY HomeCare and we couldn’t be more proud to have them. Listen to their story, it’s obvious watching their expressions they couldn’t be happier with their decision.

Mark – Bel Air, MD

Mark Decker loves his home town and he needed a new business model that would grow with him. After some business planning he invited SYNERGY HomeCare into his professional life and his community. Mark talks about the support, professionalism, and growth potential he sees in our industry. Maybe you see these things too?

We’d like to hear from you too!

You’ve heard a selection of our brightest and best talk about how SYNERGY HomeCare has enabled them to work for themselves, leave behind their former professional lifestyles and give back to their communities. If you’d like some more information about how you can make an impact through SYNERGY HomeCare just fill out the simple form below.

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