SYNERGY HomeCare History

You probably recognize the story, it may be similar to your own or the one you plan to write yourself. It starts with one person, a vision, perseverance and the passion to make a meaningful difference in the lives of many others. In the 1990’s Peter Tourian saw his first business opportunity. He created Synergy Staffing, a medical staffing company, and led it to success. In the process Peter saw something much bigger, more exciting and even more motivating – non-medical home care. It was a much needed service that was underused and little known. Standards were inconsistent, the marketplace was heavily fragmented, yet the need for it was about to explode as tidal waves of baby boomers become senior citizens.

Peter Tourian - Founder and Executive Chairman

Peter Tourian – Founder and Executive Chairman

In 2001, with meticulous research and planning, Peter introduced SYNERGY HomeCare, a service that offered dependable, professional and affordable in-home care. “I have never believed in hope as a business strategy. I watched what was really happening and I listened to my customers. I was able to successfully innovate when others were happy to offer a ‘take it or leave it’ approach of the same old service in the same old way,” says Tourian. He offered services to those in need, regardless of age. He ran national background checks on each and every caregiver to ensure the safety of his clients. He set up CRM systems, used cutting edge technologies and web-based management systems. He tested the business plan, the marketing plan and the systems over and over again until SYNERGY HomeCare was ready to be offered as a turnkey franchise operation. Owners would be able to run their businesses seamlessly, without excessively worrying about the smaller details, and could instead focus on what is most important… their clients. Here was a successful system that could be replicated over and over again with a culture of responsive innovation that would drive SYNERGY HomeCare to become, and remain front-runners in a rapidly developing industry.

“It took me 3 years to develop the prototype flagship exactly as I wanted it,” said Peter. “This was some of the hardest, most rewarding and professionally satisfying work I had ever done. That model became the first franchised agency in 2005. Next, I needed to bring like-minded individuals to SYNERGY HomeCare under a single brand, concept and vision and to bring this powerful brand to new marketplaces across the country.”

SYNERGY HomeCare C.A.R.E. Team CaregiversIn the following 3 years SYNERGY HomeCare steadily grew to 48 agencies, two short years after that SYNERGY easily passed another milestone of 100 agencies across 35 states. “It’s not so much our controlled, fast paced growth that makes us different,” says Peter, “It’s the fact that this is sustainable, supported growth. That’s our commitment to our clients and their families; that’s our commitment to the brand and our franchisees. At our core is a culture of learning, collaboration and relationships unlike any one can find in a small business group or in the ‘mega-franchise’ systems for that matter. It’s our franchisees who keep our industry rankings phenomenally high year after year. Together we earn every one of those rankings, this is now a history of consistently high performance that we are truly proud of. It tells us we are doing things the right way for our clients and our franchisees and it’s our compass to make sure we always grow in the right direction.”

A Nationwide Network, an International Network

SYNERGY HomeCare’s network of franchisees continues to build and expand nationally and internationally. We have won several awards and recognition, while individuals and families everywhere are re-gaining independence every day when they call you for SYNERGY HomeCare services.

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