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Let our franchisees tell you about their professional backgrounds, how giving back to their communities has been a benefit for them personally and professionally. Listen to them as they tell us about their experiences and struggles as family caregivers, business owners, and community leaders.

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SYNERGY HomeCare Franchise

Like many of us, you want to make a difference in the world around you. You want to follow your passion, you want to start something that matters, you want to create something rewarding and lasting for others as well as for your own family. That’s exactly what SYNERGY HomeCare does and it’s what you’ll be doing every day. Start your own business today with SYNERGY HomeCare.

You have probably seen the predictions for phenomenal growth of our senior population in the next few years – it will double to 70 million by 2025. This huge shift in the age of our population presents both challenges and opportunities for us and our loved ones. Who will help protect the health and safety of our elderly, disabled, and immobile? Who will be their advocates? Who will champion the independence of elders and not continually treat them as a burden? As the owner of a SYNERGY HomeCare franchise, the answer is you. The growing needs and concerns of 34 million Americans, soon to be 70 million, will be your business.

You already have most of the experience you’ll need, many of the skills you will be applying, and a personal character that has always driven your success. Add an entrepreneurial spirit, caring determination and start-up capital and you are well on your way to launching the most personally and professionally rewarding career you’ve ever been a part of.

SYNERGY HomeCare’s level of service and turnkey management technology is unmatched in an industry already experiencing growth and is poised for exponential expansion over the next two decades. Our own growth is unprecedented within the franchise community, and our support team will be with you every step of the way.

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